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These unprecedented times have certainly been difficult for everyone.   More so undoubtedly, for those who were already contemplating separation, living together but separate lives or in an abusive relationship.

One thing however everyone has in common, is the fact that this challenging and testing situation means that it has given everyone an opportunity to slow down, think, look at their lives, reflect and,  consider what changes they would like to make once this lockdown is over.  With the right mindset – which is ‘key’ it is a time for opportunity, for forward thinking and planning change.  Like life – it is about making the most of any situation, good or bad.  

The mediation process is the same in many ways.  It can be challenging; it allows parties time to think; it is an opportunity to plan and discuss the future; to make the best of the situation you are faced with; to reflect, and most of all………’focus on the future’. 

This is what Winstanley Mediation aims to help families do. 

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