Co-parenting is not a new concept and has evolved and grown over the last few years.

Many families co-parent. In particular, those who have separated or divorced but continue to work together as parents. Same-sex couples have also made use of co-parenting arrangements to start their families.

Bringing a child into the world is an important decision and a dream come true for many people. Unable to conceive in the traditional way, same-sex couples can pair up with another LBGTQ couple, or a single person in order to have a baby. Single men and single woman are also choosing more and more to co-parent.

Becoming a parent in this way means that whilst there is an element of not knowing what to expect til your baby arrives - being a first time parent, there is no emotive history or conflict that can often make it difficult to plan how you will co-parent in the future. Parties may benefit from Mediation to help them discuss their future intentions when their baby arrives and put together a Parenting Plan. During the process parties will also be given information which can be helpful to enable them to explore different options and know what their legal rights are.

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