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‘Grandparents rights’ - a term used by many grandparents when seeking help to establish what legal rights they have when it comes to spending time with their grandchildren. 

Grandparents do not have an automatic legal right to see their grandchildren when family breakdown occurs.  However, the law recognises how important it can be for some children who have a relationship with their grandparents to maintain that and, if their parents separate, for that relationship not to be affected (see later).   There are also children who live with their grandparents who are their main guardians.

Either way, if relationships between parents and grandparents break down, family mediation can help parents and grandparents discuss and talk through any issues and resolve matters themselves without the need to involve solicitors and or the Court.

It is important in many cases, for parents and grandparents to work together to help maintain bonds for the benefit of the children concerned.  Mediation can help not only to put plans in place, or maintain plans, but to help build mutual respect as important role models in your children/grandchildren’s lives – ensuring your relationship in this context remains positive.   

Within the mediation process, information can also be given regarding “grandparents rights”.  This can create a common understanding, enabling grandparents and parents to talk through any issues and makes decisions in a child focused manner.   In the event proposals cannot be reached, an application to the Court can be made by a grandparent.  Initially this would be for permission of the Court to apply for a child arrangement order to see their grandchildren.  This application for permission is determined based upon various factors.  If successful, an application can then be made to the Court. 

So, when it comes to ‘grandparents rights’, ‘grandparents access’ and ‘grandparents visitation’ all are terms that can be considered to refer to the relationship a child may have with their grandparent(s).  Whichever it is, family mediation can help when issues arise.

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