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Helping You find a fair financial solution upon separation

Going through a separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership are often described as having a similar experience to suffering a bereavement in that there is a deep sense of loss and purpose.

Whilst trying to come to terms with this, there are also difficult decisions to make about your future financial situation and security, and often those of your children too.

Mediation can help you to consider your options, explore ideas and discuss suggestions in order to find a fair solution. It allows both parties to contribute and make informed decisions with the help of the Mediator, so you still feel in control of your future.

Financial matters can be complex, often involving properties, pensions, business’ and other investments. Our Mediators are experienced non-practising family law solicitors who are impartial. Whilst they cannot advise therefore, they work with you both and are able to answer questions, give information relevant to the issues, share experiences, explain the law and offer suggestions to help you try and reach an amicable solution.

After separate MIAM’s, if both parties wish to engage in mediation, and mediation is assessed as suitable, a joint session will be arranged.

Questions often asked during mediation:-

‘Will I be able to stay in the family home with the children?’

‘I didn’t want to separate. It wasn’t my choice, so will that make a difference?’

‘Can I keep my pension?’

‘Will I have to carry on paying the mortgage and bills?’

‘What if I don’t trust my ex to be honest about his/her income?’

‘But I owned the family home before entering into our civil partnership, will this make a difference now?’

‘Now that we are divorcing, does that mean I have to sell the family home?’

‘We are not married but I believe we have common law rights, is that correct?’

‘What is my civil partner doesn’t fully disclose their assets?’

Once you reach a mutually acceptable outcome, you are encouraged to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor. In most cases, a solicitor can then draft the legal documentation to reflect your proposals which can be filed at Court to make them legal binding.

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