Winstanley Mediation are passionate about Mediation and dedicated to providing parties with a service that is unique and tailored to meet their needs. We offer services in South Liverpool, Liverpool City Centre and Chester.

Parties separating or divorcing won’t find it easy to make decisions about what the arrangements are going to be for their children, and or what is going to happen to their home, pensions or other assets. The mediation process can make that decision making process less stressful.

Questions often asked, ‘who gets custody?’, ‘Will I be able to stay in the home?’, ‘Can I keep my pension?’ And more.

Tracy Winstanley is a qualified, non-practising solicitor specialising in family mediation for many years. Tracy can help give information about these issues to make you better informed during the mediation process. This will enable you to make informed decisions and therefore make better decisions with confidence, both in relation to your children and future finances.

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Child Inclusive Mediation
Can children be involved in mediation? A question commonly asked by parents. The answer is yes. For more information visit the Child Inclusive Mediation page.

Legal Advice
Mediators cannot offer legal advice as we act impartially. However, we are able to signpost you to a qualified family lawer with expertise in your area if you wish. Although Mediation is designed to keep things out of court, we would encourage you to retain a solicitor whilst mediating. We will discuss with you at what stage this may be appropriate to do whilst always considering the aim of the process not to duplicate matters or indeed costs.

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