"Tracy was warm and welcoming from the start. Very knowledgeable and built up a good rapport immediately. She created a relaxed atmosphere in which to openly discuss very sensitive matters. She reacted compassionately when appropriate and was strictly professional at all times regardless of the situation. She remained calm if discussions became heated and offered many varied ways to help the discussion flow. I found her very easy to talk to, very relatable, no fear of judgement, no pressure to rush what were very delicate issues at times.

My daughter wanted to be involved in the process as it was concerning her, but was worried about what would happen. Tracy contacted her by email personally to invite her to meet for a chat and made sure she knew all about her before meeting. Despite nerves it went really well. She told me afterwards that Tracy had put her at ease, straight away, that she found her easy to talk to and non judgemental. She felt she trusted Tracy and spoke with honesty and complete openness to her. She had confidence in her to deliver her message to us, her parents, and that she would be heard. It was such a relief for me that she had felt so at ease with Tracy, and it certainly helped the process to stay running smoothly.

I would recommend Tracy to mediate between you if you have family issues that need resolving, in our case after a divorce, and especially if the children want to be involved and heard. Meditation certainly helped move our situation along in a positive way. I appreciated the way Tracy helped us to communicate and kept the children at the heart of the discussions. "

Tracy Winstanley - family/child mediation

Spring/Summer 2018

Client age 39 child age 12

"Things have been traumatic for both of us, and there comes a point where you have to reassess and go back to the start. Thank you for all your support, particularly the last session which has made things a lot clearer and paved a way forward for both of us, giving us more of an understanding and respectful relationship."


"I can’t thank Tracy enough for the professionalism and expertise shown during a very tough time. She kept us on track and helped us move forward. Her reputation is well deserved. Highly recommend."


"Nice person. Easy to talk to. Would recommend anybody to visit for family mediation. Very relaxed person"


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